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Dance with me on this melody of laughter
that echos throughout what we wont see after
then spin so fast that the world stands still
an endless joy a wholesome thrill
and never awake from this dream of dreams
a haven of rest for kings and queens
no thorn amid the eternal nest
where time itself sleeps in silent rest
no tear in the veil of the womb of night
no shadow beyond the trail of light
and what did you dream in the gardens of eternity?
did you dip your feet to the bottom of insanity?
was the water too sweet did your mouth run dry?
did you roll in the earth and laugh at the sky?
could you stay awake in the darkest night
through the endless fall of a featherless flight
did you learn the worth of every smile
and would you start to stir in a little while?
are your hands trembling your heart does it beat?
is the cosmos spread right under your feet?
do you ask yourself and not know why
the stars tell tales through little lies?

in timeless rules for sleepless fools sleep may come at last
but it wont be soon it may sink slow but dreams will float at last
you're a queen and I'm a pawn
An ugly duckling to your a swan
I can only go forward and never back,
Your queen is white and my pawn is black
I need to get there to be by her side
But I'm always blocked by bishops and knights
I need to arrive before the dawn
Then it dawns on me I'm just a pawn I'm just a pawn.
Nothing is right when everything's wrong
what music would go for this melancholic song?
This board is wide but its just as long
Her queen is white and I'm not strong
And in her eyes I need to belong
Because I wasn't playing till you came along
.....I'm just a pawn I'm just a pawn.
"For what is love if not the absence of fear?
and what is fear but the mother of hate
and what would be hate if not for love?
would north be south if south never was?
and would black trade places with white?
would the universe collapse into a meaningless ball
with no space to hate or love it all?
and what purpose would memory serve if their was no future?
what joy would be extracted from a constant happiness?,
what goal would exist without an obstacle?
what question would be asked if there wasn't an answer?"


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